Stave Lake Cedar

Stave Lake Cedar

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This product exceeds all other R&R products in the marketplace for two reasons. The first is that all rows are two shingles across. In addition to the classic elegant look the wide shingles create on a wall, with an average of 50% fewer keyways, the application speed is increased as well. There are fewer pieces to handle and fastener use is reduced by almost 30%, resulting in substantial installation cost savings.

Secondly, unlike other manufacturer’s products, our Architect Series and Stave Lake Premium products are graded again during manufacturing for appearance. While grade rules for R&R’s and other manufacturers of R&R shingles do not address kiln stains, tannin stains, and other appearance spoiling issues, we do. None of these defects are allowed on either face of our Architect Series or Stave Lake Premium series products.